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Costa Rican - Single Origin

Our specially crafted Costa Rica Brew. At Riptide, we've bottled the essence of Costa Rica's rich, volcanic soils and the laid-back spirit of its surfing coast in our exceptional cold brew coffee. Dive into this refreshing brew and let the good vibes roll.

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La Amistad

At Riptide, our brews are as much about the journey as the destination. Every bag of our Costa Rican beans tells a story of connection and conservation. The tale begins at La Hacienda La Amistad, a sanctuary of biodiversity and organic farming in Costa Rica.Founded in 1937, long before the era of 'Organic Certification,' La Amistad has always valued harmonious coexistence with nature. The estate spans approximately 23,465 acres, a vast majority of which - a whopping 95% - is dedicated to being a virgin rainforest reserve. The remaining 5% is used for organic cultivation of coffee, banana, and mango.'La Amistad,' translating to 'friendship' in Spanish, encapsulates the philosophy behind their farming practices. When you sip on our Costa Rica brew, you're not just tasting coffee - you're savoring the product of an age-old friendship between man and nature, cultivated carefully on the serene slopes of La Amistad.